Tuesday, December 18, 2007

luckiest girl in america

okay, well, maybe except for victoria beckham.

but still. maura tierney, cutie patootie er actress has apparently started dating uncle jesse.

totes jelly.

source: la times


oh fergie fergie fergie...

i've come to expect almost anything of you. really. i didn't think much would surprise me. but this?

"people put celebrities on a pedestal and act like they're perfect," fergie tells blender magazine. "but i'm more like the people's artist - the same way diana was 'the people's princess.' i'm a little more human than other artists. i'm not afraid to show my flaws."


you're like diana? princess diana? the british one?

y'know, i'm fairly certain diana never pissed herself during a performance in front of thousands of fans. but then again, i was never all that great at history.

source: wenn

babies keep fallin' on my head

first came two britney pregnancies.

then ms. richie fessed up about her small wonder.

shortly after, xtina decided to showcase her baby bump.

and who could forget j.lo and the billowing monstrosities she donned on-stage in an attempt to conceal the bun in her oven?

then baby spears (literally, a baby) admitted to being preggers.

and now, joining the super cool celebrity mommies club:

lily allen!!

so the real question is, when this baby pops out, will we still see such crazy allen antics as bailing on tour dates only to go out later that night and request that friends carry her out of the club in a paper shopping bag?

here's hoping!!

source: the sun

ANOTHER baby spears?!

and no, not of the britney sort.

according to yahoo news, jamie lynn spears, at the ripe ol' age of 16, has admitted that she is 12 weeks pregnant. the father? none other than her steady boyfriend, casey aldridge.

must be somethin' in them spears genes.

Monday, December 17, 2007

holy jawdropper, batman

he's hot. he's buff. and we all want to rip his clothes off with our teeth. and now, david beckham's wife, the belovedly 'major' posh spice, has revealed that her delicious husband's big ben, is, well.. big.

according to wicked youth, vicky beckham responded to allegations that her hubby's bulge was digitally enhanced in the new emporio armani underwear ads. "i'm proud i still have a really good sex life with david. he is very much in proportion. he does have a huge one, though. he does. you can see that in the advert. it is all his. it is like a tractor exhaust pipe!"

oh victoria, you do have a way with words.

i need a moment alone.

fuck court. let's party!

oh brit brit.. i just caught a glimpse of you new video for piece of me, and let me tell you.. i thought you looked phenom. of course, you're still far from redemption, but i'll give it to ya: your hair look washed, your outfit was smokin, and i'm super stoked that the video wasn't 3 1/2 minutes of you half assedly dry-humping a pole. granted, you weren't doing all that much dancing, not as much as i'd like, but you looked good.

but i digress.

so last week our lady of a million wigs decided to bail on her scheduled depo, citing an illness, but later was spotted at not one, but two gas stations, and a four seasons hotel.

brit.. honey.. baby.. i've stood by you for a while. but even you can't be so retarded that you don't realize you can't fart without it being splashed across the front page. what made you think you could pull off a night on the town without everyone knowing?

and now, k-fed's lawyer appears to be ready to request that britney lose all custody until completing her depo.

but for some reason, i really don't think brit cares all that much about regaining custody.

source: tmz

someone's gonna diiie and i wanna know whoooo

for those of you who, much like myself, found themselves on the brink of tears upon discovering that last night's desperate housewives was in fact, a repeat, and not the much-anticipated conclusion (during which someone dies) to the jaw-dropping hurricane episode, fret not: sources say the episode is slated to air on january 6.

maybe now i'll finally get some sleep at night.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

donatella can't get a date. no one surprised.

donatella versace has admitted, more or less, that she's kind of a bitch to date, chocking up her singlehood to being "so complicated."

she continued to say "people have a low perception of me, men especially. they think, 'this woman, she's a nightmare.'"

call it a hunch, but methinks it might also have something to do with her face.

zac iz hot

an industrious company called "contact any celebrity" has reported that delicious zac efron is the "most wanted" celebrity of 2007.


source: gossip boulevard