Monday, March 24, 2008

it's britney, bitch

if this episode is any indication of things to come, i think it's safe to say: britney's back. she was, hands down, the best part of this episode.

gimme gimme more.

just had to share this amazing gif

Thursday, March 20, 2008

steve-o's alky mom fed him booze as a baby

is anyone really all that surprised? srsly.

(the part of me that still responds to that pesky soul of mine has to add: good on steve-o for entering rehab, though it was against his will, after showing suicidal tendencies).

source: us magazine

oh she just bein' miley!

...b-but... that's not miley!!

this is, in fact, a super creepy was rendition brought to you by none other than new york city's madame tussands.

really, i don't get why people pay money for this (other than, of course, the ability to pretend to have taken a picture with a celeb). these figures really creep me out. sure, they're realistic and that's pretty great and a fantastic display of talent. but sheesh. fuckin' creeps me out.

lilo not as edgy as paris

a poorly shot, grainy video was released on hey-i-gotta-rub-one-out site, xtube, was said to be of everyone's favorite now-sober(?) lindsay lohan noshing on ex-rehab bf calum best's peen. apparently there were a few other videos connected with the original that have better shots of the girl's face, proving that the video was not, in fact, lilo's.

lindsay, where has your edginess gone?!

source: the blemish

groundbreaking news: wine-o cuts herself

friends of the star say, "meh, at least she's not smoking crack anymore."