Thursday, March 20, 2008

ohai! i can has 2 much monee bb?!

what better way to mourn the loss of a beloved pet than to turn that pet into a lovely, sparkly piece of jewelry? think it's a stupid idea? i sure do. while i have mourned the loss of pets in the past, wearing their remains on a chain around my neck or a ring or bracelet isn't exactly an appealing idea to me.

but what do i know? kimora lee simmons thinks it's a lovely idea. that's why she's having the remains of her recently deceased dog, zoe, made into a diamond she can tote around and use as a lovely icebreaker. "hey honey, have i introduced you to zoe? she used to be my puppy, but now she's my fave diiiiaaammoonnnnnd!"


source: starpulse

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